Fraud Prevention and Detection

It's a deal?


Ideally more effort is best placed on preventing fraud rather than cleaning up the after-effect. Rather than focussing on tackling the problem after it has occurred (most fraud investigations are in effect, a result of a failure of processes and controls), more effort should be focused on the deterrence and prevention of fraud.

The impact of fraud includes:

  • Financial loss with a possible terrible impact on the business.
  • Reduced morale.
  • Wasted management time.
  • Damaged reputation.
  • Customers lose confidence in your business.
  • Increased cost.
  • Your business being used for other crime.

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Recommend controls and procedures to protect against an outbreak or a recurrence.
  • Reduce your losses.
  • Review and appraise your susceptibility to fraud.
  • Quantify the damage.
  • Provide an expert report on the modus operandi to be used in court.
  • Review whistle blowing strategies.
  • Recover your property and losses.
  • Devise training and awareness workshops.